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Issue 2: Hardcore Training Begins
As Colten tries and perfect his skills to become a master swordsman, Brycen senses a sinister presence lurking around his quiet grassy dojo.
“No… It can’t be… Can it?”
“Uh... Brycen? Are you okay?”Colten said with a worried face. “Nothing for you to worry about Colten.”
“Now come at me!” “R-Right!” But outside in the forest, the sinister presence is somewhat frustrated.
“He put a barrier around them so I can't see them or the boys' training. Damn. No matter. Time is on my side.”
“ That's it Colten! Keep up the attack.” Colten strikes again and misses. Colten strikes again and again but he keeps missing. Colten then starts to get angry. His appearance starts to shift a little bit.
“So if Colten gets angry, his appearance and personality change to that dark force I sensed in him.”
“Come on Brycen… Let’s play!” Colten attacks fiercely and Brycen barely
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SONIC: Rise of Nega Poster by SlyWriter19 SONIC: Rise of Nega Poster :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 6 0
SONIC: Rise of Nega
“The servers are the seven chaos. Chaos is power. Power enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the chaos.” The Master Emerald and seven chaos emeralds are jewels of infinity energy created by the gods themselves. However there was once a being equal to the Master Emerald. But he was corrupted due to the echidna’s influence. The echidna’s were forced to seal him inside the Master Emerald. But when Chaos used the negative power of the emeralds to become Perfect Chaos, he accidentally awakened the being that was once pure.  Years after the events of Sonic Adventure, the being broke free from the Master Emerald,shattering it completely. With the negative energy of the emeralds and a burning desire to conquer all,  a sinister hedgehog was created. It decided to take on the name Nega. For it drains all energy from others and turns it into its own power. It has already drained the energy of the Master Emerald. It now has it sights set o
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Project Freelancer by SlyWriter19 Project Freelancer :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 6 0 Fragments of Alpha by SlyWriter19 Fragments of Alpha :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 3 3 Dragon Ball Super Poster by SlyWriter19 Dragon Ball Super Poster :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 7 0 Over A Thousand Views?! by SlyWriter19 Over A Thousand Views?! :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 3 0
Showdown! The Mighty Robot's Final Fight!
Destroyah, Destroyer of All Living Things, has returned. Having being revived from Vortaak technology, Destroyah has laid the ultimate beat down Bagan and backed him into a corner. The Futurinians are considering pulling their trump card before it’s too late. Destroyah then proceeds to rip Bagan in half. Bagan screams in pain as Destroyah tears him in half. Bagan head-butts Destroyah repeatedly until Destroyah loses his grip allowing Bagan to slip free, but takes even more damage  by doing so. Bagan, weak and severely injured can do nothing as the menacing Destroyah closes in for the kill. Suddenly, Destroyah gets hit in the back by a freeze ray. Destroyah, massively weakened by the extreme cold struggles to recover from the icy attack. Bagan prepares for a final attack hoping to end Destroyah. Bagan puts all of his power into his Horn Devastation attack. His horn increases in size and length and prepares to slash Destroyah. Destroyah separates himself in order to avoid
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Issue 1: A Legend Begins Anew
14 years ago, a great evil fell upon New York City. Darkness so powerful, it caused massive destruction and shook the city itself. When all seemed lost, a young man with powers unknown sealed the powerful darkness in a universe now dubbed “The Forbidden Dimmension”. Unfortunately, it took all of the young man’s power, even his life force to seal the darkness and he later died. But by sacrificing himself, the young man saved New York from the darkness. Or did he?
Present Day:
Hey!!! Stop that kid!!! Sorry guys, but you can’t catch me! The young boy climbs the buildings faster than the naked eye! Damn it! That’s the tenth time this week! At an abandoned shelter, the young boy slips in unnoticed. I hate doing this. I really do. But it’s the only way for me to survive. He unloads the food he stole. I just wish I knew how it happened… The boy recollects to that tragic day. A fiery sky with a burning home with kids and adults trapped inside. A shadow
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The Boy From Another Dimension Prelude
In the year 2020, 2 rifts were discovered within our universe. Two alternate universes with two different possibilities. An apocalyptic universe with the Earth burned to ashes and monstrous demons released. A futuristic universe with technology that exceeded the near futures and artificial intelligence are used for everyday use. Among the people in the main dimension, there is one whose heart is purest. Colten Storm is a boy of many feats. He tries to make friends with everyone he meets. Even if their enemies. Colten helps others without concern for his own safety. He’s willing to risk his own life so others can see a brighter tomorrow. But Colten is no ordinary boy. He has powers that even he doesn’t know he has. An organization once devoted to helping innocents and defending the peace, has now become corrupted due to an official who rose in power and became CEO of Flipside Inc. He may seem nice on the outside but when he’s done with business, he becomes power hungry
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Sonic Apocalypse by SlyWriter19 Sonic Apocalypse :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 5 0 Blood Gulch Crew vs 100 Tex Army by SlyWriter19 Blood Gulch Crew vs 100 Tex Army :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 7 1 The Blood Gulch Crew's Last Stand by SlyWriter19 The Blood Gulch Crew's Last Stand :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 3 0
The Return of Destroyah! Destroyah vs Bagan!
After Vorticia’s monsters were soundly defeated by Bagan, the menacing Destroyah appears. Another monster?! What a surprise. Bagan will destroy him like he did all your other monsters! End that hellish monster’s existence! Bagan fires his lightning beam of death at Destroyah causing a huge explosion. When the smoke clears Destroyah is unharmed and laughs maniacally at Bagan. Bagan becomes infuriated and tries his Horn Attack but Destroyah uses his Horn Attack. The clash from the horn attacks sends both monsters flying back. I still can’t believe it. How is Destroyah even alive? Wasn’t he destroyed against his fight with Burning Godzilla?  I believe we are the ones to blame. What did you do Vorticia? After our last invasion failed we fled to an area that was extremely decimated. Upon arriving we discovered a faint life signal from what appeared to look like white mist. We brought whatever was left of the mist to our lab to revive it. Unfortunately he revived
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Dawn of Justice by SlyWriter19 Dawn of Justice :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 2 0 Civil War by SlyWriter19 Civil War :iconslywriter19:SlyWriter19 0 0


Ducktales 2017 Reboot
Forgive my language, but any and all haters of this reboot can literally go fuck yourselves. This show's gonna be awesome, I can feel it.
Now you know where my stance on this is.
:iconlimpurtikles:Limpurtikles 4 21
Mew!  Pokemon One a Day Series Finale! by BonnyJohn Mew! Pokemon One a Day Series Finale! :iconbonnyjohn:BonnyJohn 2,769 286 Creation Trio + Arceus by Twarda8 Creation Trio + Arceus :icontwarda8:Twarda8 651 26 Sonic GX by stunsywow Sonic GX :iconstunsywow:stunsywow 26 26 Sonic Forces by Drawloverlala Sonic Forces :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 1,151 121 Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Poster by Adir Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Poster :iconadir:Adir 593 97 The spider-verse selfie! by ultimatejulio The spider-verse selfie! :iconultimatejulio:ultimatejulio 677 101 Civil War! by ultimatejulio Civil War! :iconultimatejulio:ultimatejulio 185 12
Fan Fiction Basics: Character Consistency
        There are endless tutorials on fan fiction-related issues such as editing, paragraphs, outlines and such, but one of the topics that never get touched on is how to keep your story going in the same direction the entire time. Sure, your plot and outline can help with that, but your stories are told by the characters in them. So who's watching the characters?
What is character consistency?
        Character consistency is the ability of the character to act in a consistent and predictable manner that moves the plot towards its conclusion.
        That's a pretty simple definition for one of the most important elements in storytelling. One of the first rules of writing is that everything in a story must have a purpose. That means that all of your characters, regardless of how minor or major they might be, have a reason for being in the story. Their purpose should always be to m
:iconzoni:zoni 112 19
Fan Fiction Basics: Canon, Fanon and Headcanon
           Fan authors have a completely different set of problems from original fiction authors. Unique vocabulary is something every fan author has to tackle. While all of the standard things (plot, characters, etc.) still apply, there are three terms that original authors never have to deal with: canon, fanon and headcanon.
           I'll explain the differences between these three things. However, please be aware that not everyone agrees on the definitions. The definitions that I am handing you are those that apply in the strictest sense. They may be slightly different depending on your fandom. Ready? Here we go.
           Canon is facts, information and events presented in the source material your story is based on.
           Generally speaking, canon is information which is shown or explicitly told to the reading or viewing audience. This can include d
:iconzoni:zoni 131 45
Fan Fiction Basics: Easy Outlining
            When it comes to planning a story, you need to have goals in mind. That's true regardless of whether you're working on fan fiction or your first novel. These goals are usually pretty basic. You know what your characters are trying to achieve. You might have a few basic ideas for scenes you want to include. You know some of the situations that might arise from various other things that are happening. And, to get started, that’s all you need to know.
            Consider your outline to be your story in miniature. Stories, and therefore outlines, should progress logically from one point to the next. For my example, we’re going to use a character (let’s call him Bob) who is going to go grocery shopping and fix dinner. I know that's a pretty simple concept, but the method I use here works just the same whether you're writing a drabble or an epic chapter story.
:iconzoni:zoni 92 5
Fan Fiction Basics: Learning to be a Writer (OLD)
              Recently, I've had some heated discussions with friends who aren't fan fiction authors. One in particular has a vendetta against those of us who write fan literature. I asked him why. His explanation was simple: most fan authors can't write. More than that, they have no desire to improve their writing.
              As a fan fiction author, I couldn’t argue. Most people use fan fiction as a stepping stone to original fiction. I’m the other way around. I learned how to write prose long before I ventured into fandom. There are certain skills, habits and facts that escape fan fiction authors because they have never had to deal with them. They have never been placed in a position to learn. And, more importantly, most fan fiction authors haven’t even learned how to learn writing as a skill set.
              Some of the necessary skills for writers are bey
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Ash Greninja by AzureBladeXIII Ash Greninja :iconazurebladexiii:AzureBladeXIII 393 17 DragonBall Super Universe Survival - Poster by SaoDVD DragonBall Super Universe Survival - Poster :iconsaodvd:SaoDVD 132 29 Ningen-Zero Keikaku - Poster #3 by NekoAR Ningen-Zero Keikaku - Poster #3 :iconnekoar:NekoAR 107 11 Sly - Alternate Background by ZedEdge Sly - Alternate Background :iconzededge:ZedEdge 184 14


I'm talking to you via my tablet. I have some bad news my fellow deviants. My computer completely crashed killing all my drives and now won't turn on anymore. I don't feel comfortable typing on a tablet . So I hate to say it but I'm going to be on Hiatus again. I was really looking forward posting some new chapters and posting new art. I'll probably get a new one by the end of the year.

I'm back on deviantART after 4 months of hiatus. Godzilla Unleashed 2 will be my main focus for the next 2 weeks and after it's finished SONIC: Rise of Nega and The Boy From Another Dimension will be posted.
                                                                 - SlyWriter19
As Colten tries and perfect his skills to become a master swordsman, Brycen senses a sinister presence lurking around his quiet grassy dojo.

“No… It can’t be… Can it?”

“Uh... Brycen? Are you okay?”Colten said with a worried face. “Nothing for you to worry about Colten.”

“Now come at me!” “R-Right!” But outside in the forest, the sinister presence is somewhat frustrated.

“He put a barrier around them so I can't see them or the boys' training. Damn. No matter. Time is on my side.”

“ That's it Colten! Keep up the attack.” Colten strikes again and misses. Colten strikes again and again but he keeps missing. Colten then starts to get angry. His appearance starts to shift a little bit.

“So if Colten gets angry, his appearance and personality change to that dark force I sensed in him.”

“Come on Brycen… Let’s play!” Colten attacks fiercely and Brycen barely manages to dodge it.

“So… fast!” Brycen can only dodge Colten’s attacks and can’t find an opening.

“What’s the matter, Brycen? I thought you were going to train me not run like a wuss!” Colten said in a sinister tone.

“This second personality is violent and different from the kind one I met earlier. No doubt about it. It’s one of the pawns of darkness that fell upon New York 14 years ago.”

“Who are you?” Brycen said  in a calm tone.

“That’s none of your business. But I do know you Brycen. You slaughtered my people without hesitation!”

“It was my job! Your kind would’ve destroyed our world! Your were taking over innocents and corrupting them. The legendary hero gave his life to seal away your kind.”  Brycen said in a defensive tone.

“The legendary hero thought the sealed all of us, but not me. But when I tried to take over his body, he absorbed me instead . He was driven to the brink of insanity. Somehow he found a way to force me out of him and he died as a result. So I found this orphaned kid instead.” Colten said.

“You insane bastard. You think I’ll let you get away this?!” Brycen said in a furious tone.

“I sincerely doubt you have much a choice in the matter once I kill you Brycen.” Colten said  in a sinister tone.  

Colten charges at Brycen at almost twice the speed of sound. Brycen barely dodges Colten’s attack. Colten comes from behind and just as he is about to deal the fatal blow...

“What the hell?” Colten said.

An explosion levels the forest however, Colten and Brycen are protected by a forcefield. As the smoke from the explosion clears,  they look around the blazing forest. Animals dying from the flames and the forest burned down in its entirety.

“How dare you... How dare you destroy this peaceful and tranquil place! What have they ever done to you?!” Brycen said  in an enranged tone.

“Nothing really. I was just testing to see if there was a forcefield. They were in the way. It was actually quite amusing.” the mysterious man said.

”Who the hell are you?” Colten said.

“Don’t worry who I am boy.  Just know you’re coming with me whether you like it or not.” the mysterious man said.

Colten clenches his fist.

“He’s not going with you Terry. I’ll make sure of it.” Brycen said  in a protecting tone.

“Hello Brycen. How’s my former ally doing?” Terry said in a menacing snarl.

“Former ally?” Colten said confused.

“I put the past behind me Terry! Now are you going to talk all day or are we gonna fight?” Brycen said in a seriously, eybrows tight and full of anger.

“Challenge accepted old man.” Terry said confidently smirking.

Suddenly the forcefield comes down.

“What? How did you take it down? M-My body feels like it’s shutting down... What did you do to me?” Brycen said  as he begins to collapse.

“I see the nerve gas finally kicked in. I had a feeling you were using a forcefield so I spread nerve gas throughout the area to only affect you.” Terry said  in a confident tone.

“Now you won’t get in my way. Like I said before you’re coming with me boy.” Terry said in somewhat of a gentlemanly manner.

Colten’s personality changes back and he begins to fight Terry. Terry believes that since Colten is so inexperienced, it will be a one-sided fight. But soon as Terry lunges at Colten, he makes the biggest mistake of his life.

Colten dodges his attack and swiftly strikes with the speed of light, Arms are heavy, delivering barrage of fists into him. Felling his stomach muscles being pounded knocking him back.  

“Impossible! How am I being pushed back?!” Terry said in a concerned voice.

“I won’t forgive you for what you’ve done!” Colten yelled with rage and ferocity.

“This kid is stronger than I expected, but this ends now!” Terry took his hand off his wounded bruises.

The two clash even faster than before with Brycen unable to keep up with the action. Both delivering and onslaught of punches and kicks that slammed into each other, bones smashing into each other.

Terry lunges full force at Colten delivering a fist forward. Colten quickly dodges moving to the left,  jabbing at Terry’s chest with his sword but begins to hesitate.
“What’s the matter boy? Haven’t you killed anyone before?” said Terry with a sinister smirk.

“I’m not afraid to kill you. But I’m giving you a chance to walk away from this alive.” Colten said.

“You think I’m afraid of you boy?! If you think you can kill me, then go ahead and try!” Terry said.

Terry begins charging at Colten with anger in his eyes.

“I warned you and you didn’t listen..” Colten said.

Colten pulls back from and prepares to deliver the final blow.

Colten’s aura shines to the color blue. A creature starts forming into that of a dragon.

“What the hell is that?” Terry said  horrified, feeling afraid and paralyzed by the sight.

“ Your fate.”  A grin had formed on Colten’s face.

Colten moves quiet, faster than Terry could comprehend. Then Colten begins to strike him repeatedly over and over again, feeling the crack of bones and muscle's with swift attacks that were delivered fast and felt lightly when striking Terry. Terry coughed up blood and tried to move from the overwhelming force, but the pain and onslaught kept him in one place with a tear of pain dripping from his eye.

“Damn it! How could I be beaten by a little brat?” Terry then falls unconscious.

Colten then begins to calm himself down and checks on Brycen.

“Are you okay Brycen?” Colten said  in a concerned tone.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You never cease to amaze me Colten.” Brycen said  with a smirk on his face.

“I’ll go make an antidote for that poison.” Colten heads inside to make the antidote.

“That boy really reminds me of him...” Brycen said as he chuckled.

Colten comes back with the antidote.

”Here you go Brycen.” Colten said with glee.

“Thank you Colten. I think it’s time you began your own journey. Today you’ve shown skill greater than I could’ve done.”  Brycen said.

“What about Terry? He’ll cause trouble for you again I bet.”  A worried Colten said.

“Don’t worry about him. We’ll just have a long talk.” Brycen said.

“Well okay.” Colten said still worried.

Brycen gets himself up and gets Colten some gear.

“There you go Colten. Be careful out there and watch your back.” Brycen said.

“Thanks Brycen. Take care of yourself.” Colten said.

Colten leaves to start off his journey.

“Okay time for some interoggating.” Brycen said

As Brycen begins to interrogate Terry...

“Son of a...” Brycen said in anger.

“Good luck Colten.” Brycen said with a smile.

Colten having beaten Terry, begins his journey. But Terry has escaped and new enemy has been revealed. But unknown to the enemy, someone is following. Is it an ally or another enemy?
Issue 2: Hardcore Training Begins
The second issue of The Boy From Another Dimension.
 Thanks to www.thegreywolfgared.deviantar… for the fight scene.
Sorry I haven't been posting anything for awhile with juggling my job and my extreme back pain it's been hard on me. My fanfictions will posted by the end of March as well as some new posters.

                                                                                                                                            - SlyWriter19


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Hello everyone. My name is Byron Brumsey, but I'd prefer it if you call me SlyWriter19. I write fanfictions based off of my favorite characters. I also wouldn't mind writing some of other people's ideas into my work. If you have any input, I would gladly appreciate it.

PSN: SuperGodzilla17

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